How to Pick Wildflowers

A surrealist subversion of ‘how to’ style books. Tactile and immersive hand-bound book series that contemplates ‘how to live’.

How to Pick Wildflowers: Books

Series of 3 books, handmade, hardcover, coptic-bound and typewritten. 

Book I:   How to Exist
Book II:  How to Find what you’re Looking For
Book III: How to Take a Life

At their core, these books about struggling to find meaning within worlds defined by male philosophical thinkers. 

I created a series of ‘how to’s in order to push reader interactivity and immersion: when reading ‘how to’ books, the audience is constantly considering the text in relationship to themselves and their actions. This series explores surrealist concepts and philosophical ideas, which creates an interesting tension with the logical and instructional assumptions of ‘how to’ books.